Fashion, portrait, production stills, food, and product photography. Discounts available for independent films and local businesses. Mail-in product photography is available for small goods (United States only). Affordable packages exclusively for Etsy and Amazon sellers offered year-round. NO: Wedding, sports, event, adult entertainment, family or child photography.
Color Management
Color consultation and design for commercial products and packaging. Custom color palette conception for interior design (residential and commercial). Product color variant editing for eCommerce. NO: Print management.
Graphic Design
Design for digital and print media including restaurant menus, event postcards and flyers, company brochures, movie posters, and magazine covers. NO: Logo design, infographics, web design or hand-drawn illustrations.
Image editing
General image enhancement, non-destructive fashion and beauty retouching, color grading and correction, digital composites, panorama and HDR processing, spot color separation for screen-printing, full-color conversion to line art, background removal and replacement, digital black and white photo coloring, and more!
The following are specialty services I offer exclusively on the Fiverr platform. Fiverr is a popular online marketplace where individuals and freelancers offer a variety of goods and services to customers worldwide. All communication and activity is tracked in a single organized thread in your account for easy access and you can connect to Fiverr using Facebook or your Google account.
Note: Fiverr charges a non-refundable processing fee of $0.50 on orders up to $10 and 5% on orders above $10. When you cancel an order, Fiverr will refund you with credit for future use on their platform regardless of your original payment method. 
Q: Why do you only offer these services on Fiverr?
The services I offer on Fiverr either cater to a very small niche or are quick, low budget tasks strongly favored on the platform. I offer them exclusively to increase my sales in those areas and improve my reach on the platform.
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